Guest Speakers and Workshops


On request we provide special workshops and training:

  • Sales Training
  • Strengthening the Team
  • Financials from the perspective of the business owner

We also design workshops at request, and in the past have created content for topics such as:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Growing Walletshare
  • Using DISC profiles in your business
  • Sourcing and Recruiting

Special workshops are designed with the goal of the business owner in mind. We have run special workshops that take 2 hours, to workshops that are all day long.

Guest Speaker Engagements –

If you are looking for guest speakers on the following topics contact us and we gladly will try to set one up for you.

Here are topics that are aimed at helping the audience Learn essential knowledge about being successful in business:

  • A presentation on HOW a Business Owner can grow into a successful serial Entrepreneur
    • 8 Tiers of Entrepreneurial Success
  • We love to speak on anything related to how to make a business more profitable. An example title is:
    • The 8 Fundamental Ways to Increase Profit
  • If you want to understand the psychological side of it all:
    • Understanding the 8 Dimensions of Self

We also arrange speakers on motivational topics.

Contact us if you are interested