What is success:

“When a business owner goes to work with a real smile, and has the time and money to take several great vacations while being seen as a positive force for good in the community, I call that business owner successful. When the owner has several profitable businesses running without him or her, I call that a successful entrepreneur” ~René Hollebrandse


We at Mid Atlantic Strategic Services are ultimately hired to make our clients more successful. And since the context of ‘successful’ is the business realm, the amount of ‘Success’ is often expressed in dollars. For example: the average ROI on each dollar invested in our coaching programs is reported to be 521%, meaning that for each dollar that was paid to one of our coaches, the average net. profit growth was 5.21 times that year.

But is ‘Success’ truly just only an increase in net profit dollars?

It actually is what you define it to be.

Most business owners hire us to get more profit (Money) from the business, while having to work less (more Time).

But there is a significant group that wants a ‘successful succession’, for them ‘Success’ means that the next generation will continue to grow and maintain the business.

We also had a few clients that just wanted to have fun at the workplace. They made enough money, had enough time off, but just didn’t like how their team interacted with each other. “I want to look forward to each working day” one said, “I love what I do, but I also want to love having my team around me.”

Maybe the simplest definition of success is ‘Achieving what you have set out to do”.

At Mid Atlantic Strategic Services we only take clients that we believe we can make successful. Tell us what it is you want to achieve, we study you and your business model, and then will tell you how we think we can make you successful.

Moving our clients forward on the path of their success is what excites us every day.

“Success.  By definition it is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.  To me it is exceeding the benchmark that you have for yourself.  In other words, YOU define what YOU want to achieve in each aspect of your life.  When you exceed your expectations you have created success.” ~ Cort Maddox


Your business personality has a big impact on how you achieve success. Want to know where you fit? Take this test…