Cort Maddox

Cort is a family man. He cherishes the time he is able to spend making memories with his wife Lisa and his son Taylor. He has a passion for providing peace in the lives of others. Whether it be through volunteer work in the community, his ambassadorship in the Chamber of Commerce, or working with his clients, Cort is consistently seeking for opportunities to help others.

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Cort’s professional experience is quite extensive in finance and management, as he spent 17 years in the financial industry. From working in the credit card industry, to finance companies, large banks and small. He has been a manager, a trainer, mortgage lender, small business lender, personal lender, and all other duties as assigned. His first job was as a paper delivery boy, and once he was 16 he started working at McDonald’s and worked his way up to management. He has been climbing ladders and pushing to be a top performer ever since. Cort understands the value of working hard and working smart and efficiently.

Cort has a drive to be his best in all areas of his life and a passion for the great outdoors. He practices mixed martial arts and has participated tough mudders across the country to continue to surpass his personal achievements.

Cort was recruited by Mid Atlantic Strategic Services due to his unique qualities. He is a man of impeccable character. Corts clients trust that his first priority is their success.

Did you know that besides coaching clients for MASS, Cort has also his own coaching company called ‘Silver Line Coaching’?

Cort provides an expansive knowledge base and countless resources for his clients. As MASS’s first Compound Coach certified coach Cort has again surpassed his own achievements. He is truly an example to his clients of how one can exceed expectations with determination, increased skill set, drive and the motivation of a coach.

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