Welcome to the 8 ways to increase profit framework page. We have had several clients who doubled their profit using this formula, and you can download the template on this page, for free!
To make it even better, René Hollebrandse explains this template in this video.

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Customer Testimonial

Angela Duncan, owner of MarketPlace REALTY

 "If you are serious about the success of your business the best advice I can offer is to LAUNCH your business with the partnership of a business coach; if you are lacking direction in your business, hire a coach NOW to exact change and the last bit of advice I’d give is this; hire René Hollebrandse; he’s the real deal.”

“Hiring René is the single best thing I have done for my business since starting in Real Estate.

Through coaching, and working with René as coach, he has helped me laser in on the key area’s of my business to ensure growth. René has the unique ability to hear all that his client is saying AND all they are not. This gift of empathy, combined with his “systems mind”, enable’s him to narrow down to the heart of the matter quickly and succinctly.

With René’s guidance and my desire, I have met my short term goals and know with certainty I will achieve my long term goals.

Many members of my team have embraced coaching in their individual businesses and by and large, the MPR team as a whole is feeling the vibration of change and is moving to a new beat."

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