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Hey, are you a mom & pop business? Or did you take the courageous step to just start your own business? Are you feeling alone?

Join a community of other Mom & Pop businesses or starters and grow to the next level!

For Starters and 'Mom & Pop' shops

Street Smart Business Practices

Did you ever wish there was a road map for business? A simple down to earth training that covers the best street smart business practices?

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Streetsmart Academy Winchester

Welcome to Street Smart Academy, a yearlong program to provide you with a road map for success in your business. Coach Cort will cover topics such as creating a business mission vision and culture, to cash-flow forecasting, budgeting, your Unique Selling Position, and so many more with 44 weekly sessions, 4 quarterly workshops, and access to business coach Cort for the entire year! Talk about getting a lot for your investment…

All of this with a *money back guarantee!

If you aren’t clear of your next step and want to learn proven business success strategies, give our Street Smart Business Academy a try.

The program in a snapshot entails:

* 14 months of weekly 1 hour workshops.

* We guarantee an increase in net profits of at least $10,000.

- - - If the minimal goal is unmet the enrollment fees are refunded! - - -

Join us at Street Smart Business Academy Northern Shenandoah Valley:
- When held it will be at Friday mornings 8am at 918 South Braddock st. Winchester
Join us at Street Smart Business Academy Loudoun County:
- When held location will be at the Mason Enterprise Center in Leesburg.

The Street Smart Business Academy program in detail

A “Street-smart MBA”

The Street smart program teaches the essential knowledge that each business owner should have, but in a non-academical way, totally tailored at running a small business with direct applicable practical knowledge.

It contains 44 weeks of 1 hour workshop sessions around specific topics, 4 five hour ’90 day business challenge’ sessions every quarter, and 4 weeks of ‘completing the plan’ sessions after the 90 day business challenge. Add in about 4 weeks downtime (like Christmas week) and you have a program that teaches you the business basics in about 13 months.

Each session will give you homework, to be ready for the next week. For example, if one week teaches you the essentials of how to write a good ad, then the homework will be to write an ad for your business to show to the instructor the next session.

The program is designed to allow people to ‘stream in’ at any point in time. One additional one on one session will be provided for those who do not start at ‘session 1’.

The four ’90 day business challenges’, which are five hour workshops, are done together with business owners and their key team members who are in other coaching programs. Key is to write a business action plan to improve your business over the next quarter. About 2 hours of the program is a group workshop on a business or self improvement topic.

The week after the ’90 day business challenge’, a session is done on applying what was learned at the 90 day business challenge so that every participant has a workable business action plan for the quarter.

The 44 weekly topics are:

  1. Positioning (explaining the program and the essentials of the entrepreneurial mindset)
  2. Vision, Mission, Common Goal and the basics of effective Goal setting
  3. Basic Financials
  4. How to create a strong Company Culture
  5. IVVM (technique on how to change your thinking) and Goal setting
  6. How to do a Cash Flow Forecast and some Cash Planning techniques
  7. Financials and Break Even Points
  8. Understanding the Marketing Process
  9. Advertising
  10. ‘Unique Selling Point’ and ‘Guarantee’
  11. Financials + (Profit Planning and Balance Sheet)
  12. Walletshare
  13. Marketing using the Internet
  14. Selling 1: Understanding the Sales Process
  15. Financials I (Ebidta and Overhead)
  16. DISC (Behavioral Communication Styles)
  17. Selling 2: Positioning and Closing of the Sale
  18. Selling 3: Overcoming Objections
  19. Financials I+ (Estimating)
  20. First Business Game Challenge (Game Night!)
  21. Selling 4: Phone Etiquette and Cold Calling
  22. Comfortzone, Self Sabotage and the Winning Mindset
  23. Financials II (Cash Gap and Collections)
  24. Systems for Team Performance: Org chart and Position Descriptions
  25. Systems for Team Performance: How to create a System Manual
  26. Systems for Team Performance: Workflow
  27. Financials II+ (use of Key Performance Indicators)
  28. Five Levels of Leadership
  29. The 8 Dimensions of Self Development
  30. Managing your Environment
  31. Financials III (Margins)
  32. Setting Success Habits
  33. Sourcing and Recruiting of an A class team
  34. How to do Employee Evaluations
  35. Financials III+ (Business process accounting)
  36. Marketing using Social Media
  37. Selling 5: upselling and cross selling
  38. More Marketing Strategies
  39. Financials IV (Profit opportunity analysis by comparing monthly 8 ways)
  40. Second Business Game Night, invite your friends
  41. How to manage Conflicts
  42. Videos and Testimonials
  43. Financials IV+
  44. Graduation Night

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