René Hollebrandse

Meet “Virginia’s number 1 business coach” René Hollebrandse.

He is from the Netherlands, and received his Master in Business Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He then had a global career of 15 years in business and IT. His work ranged from managing massive implementations of Enterprise Resource Planning software to Product Management. He drove the development of huge end-to-end software suites that would manage everything in a company: from software that moved a robot arm to the financials and HR, from Engineering Design and Sales to Planning maintenance cycles.

It was during this career that he was asked to move closer to the Headquarters of the company in Herndon Virginia. So in 2002 René moved his family over to the USA.

In March 2009, at the height of the economic meltdown of the Great Recession, René was approached by the biggest business coaching franchise in the world to become a business coach.

For 7 years he worked as a franchisee out of his Winchester office, where he became recognized as the number 1 business coach in Virginia. Many of his clients have become recognized winners in the ‘Greater Goods awards’ as run by the local Chamber of Commerce. Rapid Growth in both profit and number of employees, a better lifestyle for the business owners, as well as actively giving back to the community have been a common theme among his clients.

Since March 16, 2016 René has joined Mid Atlantic Strategic Services as CEO. One of his main goals in Mid Atlantic Strategic Services is to build our new IT-Consulting department, starting with addressing the Search Engine Optimization challenges that we believe our clients need better help with.

René lives in Clearbrook with his wife and 4 sons and is a member of the Presbyterian Church of America.

He is known for his love of strange hobbies such as sword-fighting with the SCA, electronic music and fantasy roleplaying. It is said that in his rare spare time he writes fantasy novels which he refuses to release.

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