Welcome to the improve time page. You can generate more money, but never get more time.
This page contains a free download of a self survey that René uses to pinpoint which of the three time improvement areas need the most attention.
To make it even better, René Hollebrandse explains how to use this self survey in this video

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Testimonial on Improve Time with Freddie Ciampi, owner of Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio

Freddie Ciampi, owner of Social Gracess Ballroom Dance Studio in Berryville, VA

"I had been in business for nine years. I was burning the candle on two sides and I was slowly seeing how it was destroying my life. It is very unfortunate to do something you love; you help other people, but are destroying your own life...

The first thing we started with, was getting my time under control. René helped me create systems that would make things that took 5 hours, would now take 1 hour. So instead of working 60 hours a week, I was now working 40 hours a week. And then I was able to take that time and put that to working ON the business. So instead of working IN the business, I was now working ON the business.... I am slowly moving away from running the day to day business...."

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