Welcome to the starting business page. Being a successful business owner is one of the most rewarding things one can achieve! Yet, the sheer majority will fail and give up on their dreams. In this video René Hollebrandse explains why, and what you can do to prevent that from happening to you.

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Starting Business testimonial Celeste Krawchuck, Chiropractor at Berryville Family Chiropractic Center

Starting Business

Celeste Krawchuck, Owner and Chiropractor at Berryville Family Chiropractic Center

“I worked with Rene in a group coaching setting. Prior to working with him, I had no knowledge about running a business. He has coached me wonderfully, so that I now understand the basics of running my practice and what to do for future growth, in the way I want growth to happen. He has been a valuable resource for implementing new ideas into my practice and helping me update previous items. Rene has boosted my confidence levels in decision making, testing and measuring everything in the office and trying new techniques to bring in more clientele”

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