Welcome to the ‘Better Margins’ page. All professional businesses are run on margins. Is yours? This page contains a free download of the Ultimate Cheat-sheet in Essential Margins and Key Performance Indicators that you should track.
To make it even better, René Hollebrandse gives you some context around this cheat-sheet in this two minute video

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Testimonial on Margin Improvement by Steve Guntang, the owner of Atlantic Construction Company LLC

Steve Guntang, owner of Atlantic Construction LLC

“Knowing your margin is very important when running a business.  It is something I learn once I started coaching with René.  For 2-3 years I was a one-man-show running my business and dealing with growth.  Once I began coaching and began digging into my numbers, only then did I realize we were running on skinny margins.  Once we took control of our numbers and made efforts to grow our margins, our bottom line increased by leaps and bounds.  René helped me recognize and supplied ideas to assist in growing the margins to maintain a healthy business in today’s environment as well as grow profits.”

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