How to get more Sales

Welcome to the ‘More Sales’ page. How do you make it more likely to close that lead that you have spend so much time and money on to get in the door? This page contains a free download with 21 strategies that can help you just do that.
On top of that, René Hollebrandse explains you what is really going in during a sale in this short video.

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Testimonial on how he got more sales by Jerry Hickman, owner of Shared Knowledge Technology Services

” Jerry Hickman owner of Shared Knowledge Technology Services

“René has pushed me to get more sales into my business, and the interesting thing is, I now have even fun with it.  Yes René, I am now regularly doing bold calling and it has become a good source of new business clients for us!

Rene patiently kept explaining how sales works, and how to improve our service levels so that we don’t fall back.

My business is growing consistently now and I have to add people to fulfill the demand!”