Additional Services

Recruitment Services, Business Analysis, Fixing the Books, Business-IT consulting and Mastermind groups are the additional services offered by Mid Atlantic Strategic Services beyond the core services such as Business Coaching and Workshops



One of the areas that have proven to be the hardest to help with by business coaches, is Recruiting. Some skill-sets are so rare, or some people are so good, that they rarely have to look for work. As such, normal advertising and social media campaigns don’t seem to deliver the right results.

For those clients, we do offer recruitment services, where we have connections that will do the Sourcing and initial Screening for us, while your business coach will do the first round of interviews. After all, he or she should really know what type of person would fit your business.

That way you will receive qualified applicants that should fit in your business only.

We do offer this additional service for rates that are below the normal market rate for Recruitment services, which is why we offer this only to our business coaching clients.

Business Analysis:

“What you do not measure, you cannot improve”

Would you like to know how your business could perform better? After all, that is what the purpose of a Business Analysis is for.

Due to the fact that our Business Coaching clients expect us to significantly grow their business, we have become quite good in finding opportunities in any area that could make a business more profitable, or just less time consuming to run for the owner. In fact, that is how every business coaching engagement start, with about a day’s worth of fact finding, and matching obvious solutions to the discovered improvement areas.

When we do a business analysis, we use the same structured approach as when we agree to a client to increase their profit by X percent. We divide the business into its’ functional areas, and in a very systematic way ask hundreds of questions; ranging from marketing and sales, to a profit margin analysis and in depth look at your overhead expenses. The same for your team: How do you recruit, retain and grow your employees, does their actual performance hit what their salaries are worth, does your goal setting and planning process hit that internationally agreed standards, and if not, can we determine what that is costing you and so on.

Not every business owner is interested in working with a business coach, but they just want someone to tell them what it is that they ought to work on to get better results. Maybe one of the businesses that you own and that is run by someone else for you isn’t performing to your liking. In cases like these, a good business analysis is a great solution.

So what do you get?

  • A clear list of opportunities and connecting strategies that would address how to take advantage of those opportunities
  • A quantified dollar amount of what the company profit ought to be if the main opportunities discovered are addressed
  • A prioritized list that addresses the urgency of implementing the needed strategies

Are you ready to get clarity on the state of your business?

Bookkeeping: restructuring and training:

Bookkeeping, as well as building a clear structure of accounts that provides good business insight to the owner, followed by training one of the employees to keep this task in house, is one of the original ‘Strategic Services’ that MASS offers to its clients.

Too many businesses have their books done by a good willing family member or employee that has learned some Quickbooks skills. But this person isn’t always trained in proper bookkeeping, or, the structure of the books is setup in such a confusing way that the owner doesn’t get the information he needs. Another issue that needs to be addressed in far too many businesses that we encounter is a healthy division of responsibilities. If only one person has to do AND the books, AND the reconciliation, AND the payments, you are asking for the kind of trouble that can really hurt your business…

So if you are getting frustrated with your financial reporting, and only your CPA seems to understand what

Mastermind group meeting at SONA restaurant

Mastermind group meeting at SONA restaurant

is going on, we can take care of this issue.

The coaches at MASS prefer their clients to have the basic bookkeeping data entry done in house, as that can save a lot of money and will support timely insights.

Mastermind groups for advanced clients

We offer Mastermind groups that meet monthly or every other month, to clients that have brought their business to a certain level. Members are carefully selected so that you get exposed to other business owners who speak the same lingo as you. They have faced many of the same challenges as you. One of the most common heard remarks directly after a Mastermind group meeting is “It is so good to hear that others face the same issues.”

The meetings happen in total privacy, and all members have to sign a confidentiality agreement. Get your thinking changed and challenged by other successful entrepreneurs!


Business IT Consulting

Our latest addition to our additional services. With the arrival of Rene Hollebrandse, who was a business and IT consultant before he became a business coach, MASS will see growth in the Business & IT services that we provide to our clients. Here is why…

Many business coaching clients see their business go through a rapid growth phase, and then hit the point where they realize that it makes sense to automate as much of their business processes as possible. However, knowledge of the IT function is often less strong in the smaller businesses. “Social media is confusing enough, and now you want ME to automate my business processes?”

If you think about Workflow, or integrating those small handy business apps with your bookkeeping system, but you are afraid of the tech talk, or afraid of being pushed into an expensive custom made solution that will cost you an arm and a leg to maintain, we have the solution for you…

Our Business consultants know the world of IT, and are experts in finding very cost effective solutions to keep your business moving forward!