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The Triple TRIAD system is the worlds’ most extensive and in-depth Business Coaching Methodology. It is designed to make a business owner outrageously successful.


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The Triple TRIAD system guides business owners through three distinctive stages of business success: from learning how to build a professional profitable business, to having a business that supports the lifestyle of the owner, all the way up to growing a major corporation and multiple other businesses producing passive income for the entrepreneur.





There is basically a trinity going on between:

  • The six different types of LEVERAGE, so that in the end the businesses run without the owner.
  • A PROFIT formula that has identified that profit is the result of 8 underlying major factors, such as generating leads and the art of closing the sale to name two of those factors.
  • A psychological model to grow successful thoughts and actions which acknowledges the 8 dimensions of the SELF. After all, what you do, is based on what you think.

If you want the model explained to you in a video: watch this one…

Note that during each phase of growth, the recommended ‘Leverage’, ‘Profit’ and ‘Self Growth’ strategies change as well. You can imagine that when you are just trying to get in control of the business basics, your whole attitude and capability to run profit increasing strategies is different from when you have a full blown management team around you that is managing the day to day operations.

The most complete business success system

The most complete business success system

The most complete business success system

The Triple TRIAD is one of the most advanced and in depth business methodologies out there, with close twelve hundred business and self improvement strategies in its’ toolbox.

To help decide a business owner what strategies to work on, these 1200 strategies have actually been sorted by relevance over 15 major industry typologies. After all, running a retail store is a whole different ball game than being a project based commercial contractor.

These strategies and best practices are sorted by relevance by Industry, but also by ‘Business Proficiency phase’. It has determined the most likely situations where ‘Self Sabotage’ will occur. This will allow the Coach, using this Business Coaching methodology, to push the business beyond levels thought possible.

Our clients have access to these strategies, including the templates and ‘how to’ manuals that accompany those strategies when necessary. 


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