“Why” we do what we do

Research after research points out what every major religion already preaches: you life is most fulfilling when you experience that you are positively affecting others. The mental reward of changing a business for the positive, such as giving the business owner their life back when they start to run their company instead of their company running them, and the employees telling us that now that you guys work with us, this is a much better place to work, is incredible. It is WHY we do what we do.

We therefore came up with, and are driven by, the following Vision, Mission, and Culture statements:

Vision: To positively change the lives of People in Business

Mission: By helping Business Owners build a Roadmap to their Dreams and then make them walk it

Our 10 points of CULTURE is based on the Golden Rule: we treat others, the way we want to be treated.

1 Integrity

We always speak the truth, and what we promise is what we deliver. We only ever make agreements with ourselves and others that we are willing and intend to keep. We communicate potential broken agreements at the first opportunity. We honor agreements to the spirit, more than to the letter. We show loyalty to those that put their trust in us.

2 Success

We are the best in what we do. We strive that everyone we are involved with are the best in what they do. We have a winning attitude and are proud of our reputation of success. We are noticed for our Drive

3 Congruency

We will lead by example. If our clients can improve their business with better time management, so can we, if our clients should follow a system in everything they do, so should we. If we teach our clients to answer the phone in a certain format, so will we. In other words, what we tell others to do, we will do ourselves as well.

4 Team work

We are team players and team leaders. We do whatever it takes to stay together and achieve team goals. We focus on co-operation and always come to a resolution, not a compromise. We ask for help when we need it, and are compassionate to others who ask us.

5 Learning

We are educators, and also responsible to give our clients the best tools and advice present in todays market to make them succeed in their business. As such we are always hungry to learn new strategies, new nuances and twists on existing strategies, and knowledge about the human psyche and modes of communication. We generally learn anything that somehow will either improve our lives or make it more interesting. We believe that learning new things is fun!

6 Ownership

We are responsible for our own actions, and accept responsibility for the outcome of everything that happens where we could have influenced that outcome. We know that for things to change, we must change first.

7 Systems

We always look to the system for a solution. Before we correct people, we first check if the system should be corrected. Systems create consistency, capture our learning, and will allow us to provide the greatest value.

8 Giving

We like to help others. There is joy in giving, and we believe there is always an abundance of things to give. Be it our community, or noble causes farther away, or the people very close to us, but we strive to help and give so others can improve their situation.

9 Respect

The people we work with are likely to have a different background, and view of life than we do. Other things are more important to them than to us. We respect and are fascinated by diversity, without giving up who we are. As coaches we will sometimes ask deep probing questions that might confront people with their own thought patterns and beliefs, but we will never be seen as disrespectful. We will keep things that we can assume should be kept confidential to us, absolutely confidential.

10 Positive

We focus on the Positive; there is an abundance of opportunities around us. Scarcity thinking (when you have had some successes) leads to staying in the comfort zone. We often believe more in our clients than they in.