What is Business Coaching

what is business coaching? In many cases it is a coach that asks you questions that make you rethink your business practices

Coaches ask questions that will make you rethink your business practices

“So what is business coaching? What do you guys do?” is a question we hear often.

When we ask people what they think the coach of their favorite sports team is providing for that team, we get answers like:

  • The responsibility of instructing their players regarding skills and tactic
  • Fostering an attitude of sportsmanship and competitive drive.
  • Since they do not participate in the field itself, coaches evaluate athletes’ strengths and weaknesses both in practices and in games
  • They provide constructive feedback and
  • Mentally push their players to reach levels they otherwise would not achieve


And if we ask if a team or individual athlete would perform as well without any coach, the answer is ‘of course not’. After all, imagine how much longer it would take for an athlete to reach the same level of performance if they would never work with a coach…

Now imagine being the owner of a professional sports team that operates without a coach, and all that time to ‘learn the hard way’ (i.e. by trial and error because there is no coach).  How much more money would you have to spend before you would have reached that level were you consistently can win games? Would you ever even reach that level?

So what is business coaching? What do our business coaches do? Basically exactly the same as the coach of your sports team:

  • Our whole career we study what makes businesses successful, and we apply these practices with our clients.
  • While you spend most of your time working in the business….
    • dealing with your clients,
    • your employees,
    • and that never ending list of fires that pop up,
  • we study…
    • what works in marketing and what not,
    • how you sell,
    • what the financial numbers really tell you,
    • how the wealthy have become so extremely efficient in managing their time,
    • how you plan,
    • how you recruit and select the best people,
    • how you encourage your team to get the highest productivity and so on.
    • We study how to recognize self-sabotage, and how to overcome it.

In other words, we focus on how a business gets better, not on how it survives another day.

And once we work with a business, we do not only teach those skills and strategies, but just like the coach of your sports team; we constantly observe and provide feedback. We help identify your dreams and turn them into reachable goals, we help you decide what business or self improvement strategy should work best for you, and bring the accountability that makes you actually do what you have to do to grow yourself and your business.

That in a nutshell is why we can make such outrageous claims about growing your profit, freeing up your time and getting a better team. It is our profession.

Do you guys do anything different from other coaches out there?

Over time, better and better business and self-improvement models have been developed and tested with actual business. What was the domain of ‘instinct’ and ‘wits’ has more and more turned into the domain of science.

Thus a split has become apparent among business coaches: there are those that are basically self employed, sticking to the old fashioned way of using their experience, wits and basic coaching techniques to get their results, and then there are those who see the industry of business coaching as a professional industry that is based on scientific and field tested principles.

At Mid Atlantic Strategic Services we have chosen to be on the professional side of this field:

  • Our coaches have received the most extensive Business Coach training know to us (called Compound Coaching).
  • They use the most extensive, yet very practical business and self improvement model called ‘Triple8 Business Coaching Modelbusiness-coaching-methodology’. It covers over a 1000 strategies and is used and constantly improved by Compound Coaches worldwide.
  • The world of business moves faster and gets more competitive each day.  It is difficult to keep up with both the changes in your industry as well as the innovations in sales, marketing and management strategies.
    That is also why our coaches have to continue learning for five hours a week.

While our approach to business coaching is simple and practical however, it is not for the faint of heart; rather those business owners who are willing to make a difference and are not afraid of taking on challenges. One thing is essential, you must be ready and committed to change.

So dig deep and ask yourself, are you ready to reach the next level? If so, Call us !

After all, having a Business Coach isn’t a luxury you don’t need, it is a necessity your business must have.

Coaching Programs

We offer One on One coaching, as well as Group coaching programs for the smaller businesses.

Meeting one of our coaches one on one, every week, is the most intensive. It will lead to the fastest results. For financial and bandwidth reasons some business owners prefer to start with our group coaching programs, or even like to try our entry level program Street Smart Academy.

Price levels run from thousands of dollars to the a few hundred a month. You will have to convince us that we can generate at 4:1 return on investment ratio with coaching you. Yes, if you pay us 1$, your net profit should grow with at least $4. That is how we work…

“What if I need more than just coaching?”

That is actually a very logical question. After all, a business coach will certainly help you discover what you need to do, and in many cases teach you how. But there are things in your business that your coach might help you discover, but that he or she will not help you with. After all, a coach is not a consultant. And a business sometimes need the help of a consultant instead of a coach…

“Then what is the difference between a coach and a consultant?” you might ask.
So where a coach observes, and by using a questioning technique makes sure you really deep learn the feedback, and keeps you accountable, he will NOT do the work for you.
But a consultant DOES the work for you. Think about a subcontractor that can do very specific highly skilled work for you that you do not want to permanently bring ‘in house’.

Let’s give an example:

Imagine that your coach is helping you to create a business that runs without your presence. Once you reach a more advanced level, the discussion will probably move to the topic “should I implement workflow software?”. After all, having an algorithm direct repetitive tasks with the right tools to the right people has incredible advantages such as that it never tires, and that it will tell you exactly who is doing what, and how much they have done.
“Great! Let’s do it. Which system do I pick? And who will set it up? Who will teach my employees the new system?
Well, the answer is… “probably not your coach…”  

This is one of the reasons why MASS is also offering consulting services, they are all part of our ‘additional services’