Anja Hollebrandse, President of Mid Atlantic Strategic Solutions

Anja Reijngoudt, President of Mid Atlantic Strategic Solutions

Mid Atlantic Strategic Services was initially born as a company that would provide complementary services to clients of local Business Coaches. What had happened was that several coaches kept mentioning that they assigned tasks to their clients which the client lacked the resources for to do in conjunction with Business Coaching.

For example, some of the coaching clients discovered during the coaching process that their accounting books were a total mess. When accounting firms or bookkeeping firms got involved, they would try to fix the books with only the accounting view in mind. They would often ask a significant amount of money or smelled an opportunity to have a new client forever, while the business owner was in reality only looking for someone who would fix the books, then train an employee to do the books the right way from then on. The same need was true for Finding Key Employees, doing Social Media Marketing, or finding a good Search Engine Optimization company that would not charge an arm and a leg, but that also would deliver the results the business coaches and their clients were looking for.

Thus Karen Boyd who was setting up Social Media Marketing services and Anja Reijngoudt who was a bookkeeper that often was hired to fix the mess and train the employees to do it properly, came together and founded Mid Atlantic Strategic Services. It did not take long before the company decided to actually employ their own Business Coach, which was Cort Maddox, who was trained as a Compound Coach. When René Hollebrandse’s franchise agreement with ActionCOACH expired, he was asked to also become a certified Compound Coach, in order to become CEO and Lead consultant of the company. One of his first actions was to do an in depth investigation on the quality of local SEO companies, quickly deciding that this area needed to become part of the ‘Strategic Services’ as well. Or in René’s words:

“The fields of professional PR, marketing psychology, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization are merging, and any self respecting company in the field of general business consulting or business coaching that does not invest in playing a leading role in this field, is doing its clients a huge disfavor”