The business coaching industry has a problem: anyone can one day suddenly decide to say that they are a business coach. In other words, some business coaches have good results with their clients, some have not so good results. 

So why would you want to use a coach that is part of Mid Atlantic Strategic Services?

"If I out-learn you, I will out-earn you"

The ultimate final reason is very simple: our results speak for themselves.

Results which we guarantee.

But why can we guarantee our results?

That has five underlying reasons:

Here are five reasons why we can guarantee our results

1. We are very selective in the people we recruit and they must also fit our carefully chosen Culture.

2. We have the Compound Coach certification, which as of today, to our knowledge, is the most extensive business coach training that you can have. To top that off, it is accompanied by the most in depth business and psychology tool-set for Business Coaching out there.

3. The initial basis for Mid Atlantic Strategic Services was to add crucial services to support the critical situations the business coach is likely to run into; ranging from fixing a broken bookkeeping system, to help with Search Engine Optimization. These services are still an essential part of our capability to provide a cost effective solution for our clients.

4. Our coaches are being coached and we make sure that we keep ever improving. Yes, we believe so much in coaching that we pay for coaching ourselves. It is amazing to us that so many coaches out there do not believe enough in their own product as to use a coach themselves.

5. And lastly, but certainly not the least of these five reasons: Our track record speaks for itself as you can see in the many testimonials and reviews that have been given about our services.

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